Chemical storage cabinets are an essential component for maintaining safe and organized chemical storage in a laboratory. Kewaunee is a leading manufacturer of high-quality chemical storage cabinets that meet the specific needs of different laboratories. However, just like any other equipment or tool, these cabinets require regular maintenance and care to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. In this blog post, we'll share some useful tips on how to maintain and care for your Kewaunee chemical storage cabinets to ensure they continue to perform their intended function safely and efficiently. Whether you're a lab technician, a safety officer, or a lab manager, these tips will help you maximize the lifespan of your chemical storage cabinets and keep your laboratory safe and organized.

Kewaunee is known for its durable and top-quality chemical storage cabinets, but even the best cabinets require regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and effectiveness. One important tip for maintaining chemical storage cabinets is to ensure that they are cleaned regularly with the proper cleaning solution and equipment. It's also essential to inspect the cabinets often for any signs of damage or wear and tear. If any damage or corrosion is found, it should be addressed immediately to prevent any potential hazards that could arise. It's important to keep the cabinets organized with properly labeled containers and to only store compatible chemicals together to prevent any unintended reactions or chemical spills. By adhering to these basic maintenance and care tips, chemical storage cabinets from Kewaunee can provide reliable and safe storage for years to come.

  • Inspect the cabinet regularly for signs of wear and tear
  • Make sure the doors and seals are operating properly
  • Check for any contaminants or spills
  • Inspect the fire suppression system and extinguishers for proper operation
  • Clean and wipe down the cabinet regularly
  • Ensure approved chemicals are stored properly
  • Make sure the locks are functioning
  • Properly dispose of any chemicals that have exceeded their shelf life

Kewaunee is a reputable brand known for providing high-quality laboratory furniture and equipment. For chemical storage, one of the essential items every laboratory should have is a flammable safety cabinet and chemical storage cabinets. It is crucial to store flammable liquids properly to prevent fire hazards in the laboratory. Chemical storage cabinets come in different types, but a flammable safety cabinet is designed specifically to store flammable liquids. The cabinet is constructed with double walls that have an insulating air gap to reduce the risk of fire. It also has a door that self-closes and an adjustable shelf to store containers of different sizes. However, maintaining and caring for a flammable safety cabinet is equally important to ensure its longevity and effectiveness in the laboratory.

In conclusion, chemical storage cabinets from Kewaunee are essential for ensuring the safety of workers and maintaining the integrity of the chemicals stored within. Proper maintenance and care of these cabinets can go a long way in extending their lifespan and preventing potential hazards. Regular cleaning, inspection, organization, and addressing any damages or signs of wear and tear should be a top priority for anyone responsible for managing chemical storage. By following these basic tips, Kewaunee's cabinets can continue to provide safe and reliable storage for years to come.